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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Schedule a Deposition Service?

There are three ways to schedule a deposition.

1. You can complete our online deposition scheduling form
2. You can contact our client service representatives by calling 888.893.3767
3. Or, within the online case repository, click on “Request new Job” in the upper right hand corner of the main calendar page

To Cancel a Depositions

To cancel depositions you may either contact our client services department by calling 888.893.3767, or within the online repository, select the depositions you want to cancel from the calendar and click “Request Cancel” at the bottom of the page.

How Do I Access the Online Case Repository?

All DepoTexas clients receive secure access to our online case repository. If you do not already have your login information, please register for free client access.

Once you have your secure login information, you may access the online case repository from the login area located in the upper right hand corner of every page of this website.

Where Can I Find My Transcripts in the Online Repository?

You may search for specific electronic transcripts by selecting one or more of the filters shown in the Search Criteria area. For example, to find the transcript for a specific witness, enter the witness’s name and click Search.

All matches for your search will be shown. Click on the plus sign in front of the witness’s name to see the associated files available for download. You may then click the download, or arrow, button next to the file you want to download

Can I Find My Exhibits In the Online Repository?

You can access all of your case files in our secure, online case repository. Just click on the Case Repository menu button, located at the top of the screen.

You may then search for a case by entering the case name, case number or attorney as shown in the search area. Click on the case name to see all of the files associated with that case. To view or download any file, just click on the download, or arrow, button.

Where Can I Download A Free Electronic Transcript Viewer?

To open and view the electronic transcript files we provide, you may need to download and install the eTranscript viewer and/or the Abobe Acrobat reader on to your computer.

These viewers may be downloaded free of charge from our website, just go to our download viewers page to get them now.

How Do I Print a Condensed Transcript And Word Index?

Your transcript will include an eTranscript file from which you can easily print the full transcript, the condensed transcript or the word index.

Simply double click on the e-Transcript file icon to open the file. You can then select Print Preview or Print from the File drop-down menu and choose the file you want to print -- full transcript, condensed transcript or word index

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