Conference Rooms

Every DepoTexas conference room is beautifully furnished and provides a private and professional setting for your deposition. Our conference rooms can accommodate a group as small as two, or as large as twenty. If you require a conference room out of town, simply tell us when and where, and we will make arrangements through our affiliate network.

DepoTexas conference rooms are professionally equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as projectors, screens, teleconferencing systems and complimentary wireless internet. Our staff will assist you with photocopying, faxing, and e-mails. Water, coffee and tea are always provided, and we are happy to coordinate a catered meal service upon request.

Conference Rooms In All Major Texas Cities

DepoTexas offers deposition services in Texas, nationally or internationally. If you would like to schedule a deposition in one of our conference rooms please complete our online deposition scheduling form or call 888.893.3767 and our client services team will take care of the rest.

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