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Legal Video Services

DepoTexas  legal video department is fully equipped with the latest digital camera and multimedia tools to capture depositions, mediations, and arbitrations. All productions are recorded digitally by professional, skilled certified legal video specialists (CLVS), ensuring you will receive broadcast quality video content. You can expect high quality digital cameras, individual microphones, and professional backdrops to ensure visual continuity. Legal videos are encoded in litigation software ready MPEG 1 format.

Synchronized Digital Video Transcripts

After the videotaped deposition is over, DepoTexas can synchronize your legal video content with the transcript so you can simultaneously view both. Using synchronized digital video transcripts will reduce your trial preparation time, making you more efficient and accurate. Any necessary exhibits can also be embedded into the synchronized file for speedy retrieval when they are discussed during testimony. Synchronized digital video transcripts are delivered to you on our unique Pocket Transcript™. You can review the video, create clips and export them to trial presentation programs including TrialDirector, Sanction and Visionary.

Legal Video Production

DepoTexas crisp and clear video productions can make the case for your next trial or settlement conference. Our legal video professionals work directly with our clients to prepare and capture information that helps bring evidence to life. Legal video production services include editing of deposition video clips, exhibit linking, PowerPoint presentations, graphics and animation creation.

If you would like to schedule any of our legal video services in Texas, across the nation or internationally, please complete our online deposition scheduling form or call 888.893.3767 and our client services team will take care of the rest

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