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Online Case Repository

DepoTexas state-of-the-art online case repository system is provided to all of our deposition services and litigation support clients free of charge. Operating in realtime, all legal transcripts and exhibits are scanned and posted for fast and easy review and retrieval by your authorized users. You can search by job date, case name, individual attorney who took the deposition and witness names.

Accessing your electronic transcripts and exhibits 24 hours a day 7 days a week from anywhere in the world you have Internet access is extremely fast and simple. Management and storage of all data occurs internally under our direct control so you can be confident that your information is always secure.

State-Of-The-Art Online Case Repository Features

  • User ID and password protected
  • Manage eTranscripts and courtroom exhibits
  • Search by witness names, date, case or case number
  • Download and print case materials
  • Export documents to litigation support programs
  • Grant access to co-counsel and support staff
  • Schedule depositions and view calendar
  • Review billing information

DepoTexas online repository system helps you meet client and business needs more efficiently by managing case-specific documents, transcripts, and exhibits. Whether you have ten thousand pages or ten million, we make downloading, viewing, printing uncomplicated.

If you would like to schedule depositions in Texas, across the nation or internationally, please complete our online deposition scheduling form or call 888.893.3767 and our client services team will take care of the rest.

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