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Pocket Transcript™

DepoTexas Pocket Transcript™ puts all your case related materials right at your fingertips. Our incredibly easy-to-use USB flash drive is included with all of our deposition services, providing instant access and multiple editing and viewing options.

To better serve our clients, we integrate the latest litigation support technology into our services and give you as many resources as we have to offer. With that in mind, all your transcripts are provided in multiple formats ASCII, .PTX, and .PDF so that you can review in trial presentation applications and easily distribute to case team members and clients. Additionally, when you order a synchronized digital video transcript your DepoTexas Pocket Transcript™ will come pre-loaded with DepoView video software, which enables you to create and save deposition videos, organize and isolate important testimony, and export to other trial presentation software programs including Trial Director, Sanction, and Visionary.

With our state-of-the-art Pocket Transcript™, you can now effortlessly manage all of your case information with a single device that contains transcripts, exhibits, and videos. Lawyers can have their entire case with them at all times with this simple and easy-to-use device.

Pocket Transcript™ Affords Our Clients The Following Features:

  • Fast and easy access to case files
  • Eco-Friendly reusable device
  • All files saved in one convenient location
  • Electronic copies of transcripts in ASCII, .PTX and .PDF formats
  • Videos provided as Mpeg1 or synchronized digital video transcript
  • Easy exhibit storage and organization linked to .PDF transcript file
  • DepoView video software editing tool

Pocket Transcript™ offers the best in quick and convenient storage, organization, and portability of all your deposition services information.

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