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Odessa Court Reporting

For more information about our deposition services in Odessa, Texas kindly use the form below to contact us. To schedule a deposition please use our online deposition scheduling form. If you are scheduling services in Odessa within the next 24 hours please call us directly.


Map and Directions:

509 North Grant Avenue
Odessa, TX 79761-5120
Tel: 432.333.4757
Fax: 432.580.3304

Odessa Deposition Services

If you are in need of legal video, realtime reporting, and court reporting services in Odessa, Texas then we are the firm to call. When it comes to finding the right court reporters for your deposition services needs, it is important to use highly trained professionals in the area – that is why our locally-based team members who are familiar with the city are a step above the competition. We have experienced legal video specialists who use the most advanced technology for multimedia productions, video and transcript synchronization, and Internet depositions.

Our local knowledge combined with our experience in the industry makes us the best litigation services team in Odessa, Texas. As a matter of fact, from Odessa to Chandler to Garnett you will not find a firm more dedicated to providing prompt and accurate litigation support services to you – our client. Our reasonable rates also include conference facilities and a full range of trial presentation services in addition to the best depositions and court reporting services in the area.

In the courtroom, it is important to have every possible advantage. Contact DepoTexas Odessa today to see how a local court reporter can give you the edge you need.